pitch a podcast to WNYC Studios

Have a podcast idea that you want to pitch to WNYC Studios?

We are looking for shows that will attract and reach a national audience. We want shows that are rooted in journalism, inquiry and conversation that reflect the lives of our listeners and the diversity of our city.

We encourage strong hosts with distinct voices and experiences that stand out.

If it is a one-season narrative show, we are looking for strong, compelling storylines.
Are you submitting a multi-season show? Please be clear about how the seasons will unfold and connect.

Ready to submit your pitch? Please include the following information:

  1. Who is you show's target listener?
  2. Can you describe the show in 200 words or fewer? How would you recommend it to a friend?
  3. Who is the talent/host, and what is their background and performing experience?
  4. Can you envision this on multiple platforms? (Podcast, radio, live show, etc.)?
  5. How much would/does it cost to make?
  6. Is it for a New York or national audience?

Email us at While we review every submission, we aren’t able to get back to everyone individually. If we’re interested, we’ll follow up with you directly. Best of luck, and thank you for your interest in WNYC studios.